I firmly believe that we as human beings grow in relationships where an empathic and attuned other bears witness to our struggles; my role is to provide a safe environment and a skilled ear in which you are able to become better acquainted with your thinking, behavior, responses, and feelings so that you can ultimately live a more fulfilled life.  For some this means a few months of work and for others a few years. My approach is integrative, collaborative, and informed by my training in depth psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression. Many have described me as gentle, empathic, and non-judgmental.

I work with you to illuminate and build on your strengths and empower you to conquer negative patterns so you have greater emotional and overall psychological freedom. Our work takes a committment from both you and I as we travel together on a journey to help you understand more about yourself and make the changes you desire in your life.  My experience is that when we are able to make internal change we are then able to take the next step in make external change as well.  It is always a risk to take the step to get help, come let me help you along the way.