-Are you a new clinician and feel you are struggling on how to go deeper in your work with patients?
-Do you feel overwhelmed and are looking for a way to focus your work?
-Are you trying to start your private practice but are at a loss on where to begin?

I offer clinical supervision for those wanting to build an anti-oppressive lens and psychodynamic understanding of their work with patients. Supervision is tailored specifically to the learning needs of the clinician. ┬áIt’s a safe place to discuss and examine personal responses and receive practical feedback.

Supervision helps new clinicians identify, examine, and work with:
-resistances (either you or patients present to the work)
-developing language to discuss oppression and difference

For those that want to start private practice I meet to help them discuss and make steps towards their goals. During our first contact you and I will meet and discuss the frequency needed for our work together.

If you think I can help you take the next steps that are needed in your clinical career don’t hesitate to give me a call or email.