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I firmly believe that we as human beings grow in relationships as an empathic and attuned other bears witness to our struggles; my role is to provide a safe environment and a skilled ear in which you are able to become better acquainted with yourself: your thinking, behavior, and feelings so that you can ultimately live a more fulfilled life.  For some this means a few months of work and for others a few years.

My approach is integrative, collaborative, and informed by my training in depth psychology.  Many have described me as gentle, empathic, and non-judgmental.  I work with you to illuminate and build on your strengths and empower you to conquer negative patterns so you have greater emotional and overall psychological freedom.

I have over a decade of clinical experience working with New Yorkers from a variety of backgrounds.  I received my B.A. from Cornell University and my M.S.W. from New York University.  I went on to complete a four-year certificate program in psychoanalysis at the Training Institute for Mental Health.  In addition, I am the Founder and Director of Clinical Services of NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy: a sliding scale, community focused, group practice.  I have extensive experience working with young adults and adults and specialize in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression, LGBTQ and multicultural issues.  

Whether it be depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship problems or any other struggles, you don't have to do it alone.  Give me a call and lets take the next step together.





Psychotherapy typically involves meeting one on one with a trained mental health professional to talk about the things in your life that cause tension for you.  It usually involves regular weekly sessions, usually forty-five minutes to an hour in length, in person.  Duration and frequency vary depending on the nature of your problem(s) and your individual needs.  I always start out meeting with folks in person and if need be at their request can meet via phone or Zoom as alternatives.  My fee per individual weekly therapy is $200.  For most people this is a great way to begin the process of healing.


Psychoanalysis involves therapy sessions multiple times per week, usually 2-4.  This intensive way of working allows the therapy process to proceed faster uncovering core inner beliefs and conflicts, and to have more support as you process your experiences.  For folks who come to me reporting that they have had issues, feelings, or entrenched patterns for many years I suggest this an option to more quickly make the changes they desire.


Many therapists contemplate starting a private or group practice, but are afraid of what it can entail.  Starting such a practice can be  anxiety provoking and daunting, but it doesn't have to be.  I work with individuals to take the mystery out of private or group practice building and work to equip them with the tools they need to start and maintain a successful one.  I usually work with folks anywhere from 1-3x/month to create and actualize their practice strategy.  This can be done in person, via phone or Zoom.


I have provided clinical supervision for MSW students, LMSWs, and LCSWs to aid them in enhancing their clinical skills.  Supervision is a great way to continue ones professional development and as such I work with folks from 1-2x/month.  My approach is to work in a way that further increases the therapists confidence in their way of working while helping them to pay better attention to things like: transference, countertransference, and forming appropriate clinical interventions.  


You do what you do with what you know, and when you know better, you do better.
— Maya Angelou
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How long are sessions?
Sessions are 45 minutes in duration. 

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations, Missed Sessions and Rescheduling: I ask for 48 hours notice for any cancelling or rescheduling for a different week so I can attempt to fill the appointment time.  All appointments that are rescheduled for a different week, cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or missed will be charged the regular fee for that appointment via the credit or debit card on file for you.

What is your payment policy?
The fee is due at time of treatment.  

Is psychotherapy confidential?
Yes, what you talk about is confidential and I will take every measure I can to safeguard your information.  It is unethical for me to disclose information about our work together with a few exceptions listed below where we are required by our profession to break confidentiality.

-In the event there is clear and imminent danger to yourself or another person.
-If you disclose information that provides evidence of current abuse or neglect of a child or an older adult.
-You authorize your therapist to disclose information (e.g., to another treatment provider or family member).
-In certain legal proceedings, which is very rare, and we are under court order.

Do you keep notes about what I say in session?
Yes.  The laws and standards of my profession require that I keep clinical treatment records.  I can prepare a summary for you if you request it within a reasonable time frame.  Because these are professional records, they can be misinterpreted and/or upsetting to untrained readers.  If you wish to see your records, I recommend that you view them in my presence so that we can discuss the contents.  I do charge an appropriate fee for professional time spent in responding to this request.





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